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CCGI provides professional expertise and consulting services on all aspects of the industry for medical cannabis, “recreational” marijuana, and both industrial and nutritional hemp. From advising municipal and state legislators on changes in public policy and state ballot initiatives – to selecting, buying and selling products and services for a dispensary – to building and operating a personal or commercial indoor, outdoor or greenhouse growing operation – CCGI can help you become a commercial hemp farmer, medicinal marijuana producer or a supplier of technology and support services to the industry. We can take you from concept to incorporation to completion, or simply consult on whatever phase of operation you are not proficient in. We consult on legal and tax issues as well as site location, lease negotiation, marketing, sales, accounting, education, management, etc.

At CCGI we work with retail centers, grow facilities, MIP’s, vendors, caregivers and doctors to ensure clients’ needs are met.We cover all aspects of running a Medical Marijuana Center, from the cultivation to the retailer to the patient. We also provide the support tools and training to guarantee that our recommendations suit your special needs and are implemented successfully. ​

CCGI makes sure that your project gets off the ground and is successful from day one – in addition to providing expert advice and support that insures your business reaches its full potential.

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