Frequently Asked Questions

Call CCGI . . . or decide which part of the industry you have either experience or interest in, and what your limitations are. Then you can research local and state laws to see what restrictions apply to what you want to do. CCGI can help with and participate in any part of this process since our experts are national in scope and experience. We have all the resources needed to answer your questions or quickly find the expert who can.

That depends on your requirements, of course, and the scope and size of your project and its specific industry sector. We can help you define your idea and find the most cost effective way to develop your plan and execute it successfully, on time and within budget.

No one can promise specific yields. There are simply too many variables that impact plant yield. Strain is by far the biggest determining factor. Next is vegetation time. The bigger you grow your plant in the vegetation stage, the bigger the yield in the end, as long as there is adequate light and ceiling height. CCGI is familiar with all strains of cannabis. Each strain has own personality and distinct habits, preferences and needs. Some like more light, for example, some less and others prefer different temperatures and watering amounts. We will help you pick the right strain for your project specifications and yield expectations.

CCGI can help you at every stage of business growth, from incorporation to production to the selling of products or even the business itself. We can provide as much or as little involvement in your business as you need. We can set up a turnkey operation and stay with you through grand opening and afterwards. It is our goal, however, to teach you everything you need to know in order to build and run a successful operation on your own. CCGI feels its job is complete when you are as knowledgeable and competent as anyone in the business, including ourselves!

Yes, CCGI has political lobbyists and the most accomplished and best known attorneys in the industry. Our consultants have worked with municipalities all over the country to help write and implement laws for all phases of cannabis legalization. In fact our chief Legal Advisory Board Member is Robert Raich who practices law in Oakland, California, where he specializes in medical cannabis law, business law, political law, and lobbying.  He is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Texas School of Law, and previously practiced with Eber, Nakagawa & Kitajo in San Francisco and with the Federal Election Commission in Washington, D.C. He was also the lead attorney for the only two medical cannabis cases to have made their way to the U.S. Supreme Court.